The Easiest Way for a Foreigner to Set Up a Company in Thailand

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The stunning climate and incredible culture make Thailand one of the leading holiday destinations in the world. There is little wonder that so many who have visited continue to return and even make it their home. This is as well as established organizations and entrepreneurs who decide that the Land of Smiles would make the perfect place to set up a new business.

Laws and Regulations

While this can be a fantastic idea, it can be extremely hard work for those who decide that they will sort everything out themselves. They can end up frustrated having spent lots of unnecessary money and time without really achieving anything, as Thailand has many laws and regulations in place that must be adhered to. However, there is another much simpler way of achieving those dreams, when sourcing a professional team that deals with company formations in Bangkok.

Legal Requirements

The list of requirements has seen many give up on their venture halfway through, having wasted an opportunity that could have been provided when choosing the experts to deal with it. The legal requirements of having a business address in Thailand for a company are overcome by using the address of the company dealing with the formation for their client. Appointing the required director can be troublesome without the advice that will be provided so that the right person will be put in the position.

Local Authorities

Two shareholders are also required. While that might sound simple, compliance must be met to satisfy the local authorities, so having the right advice on achieving a shareholder structure proves invaluable.

As does ensuring that the right amount of registered capital is in place depending on which business structure is preferred. Like all the requirements, they take a lot of time and research which can still lead to issues and time delays, compared to listening to the correct advice from those who deal with such situations regularly. Instead, the business might wish to concentrate on some top networking strategies.

Setting Business Account

Setting up a corporate business account can be awkward and time-consuming without the right information. Once set up, it can provide corporate savings, while VAT and Tax registration can cause further headaches unless armed with knowledge and the assistance of those who have previously been through the rigmarole. All full-time employees must have social fun registration so that they have access to social security benefits while a business license is also required to operate.


Then assistance is also required to obtain a foreign business license. Without having the necessary help, it is easy to see how many can fail in their venture. The same set of professionals can ease the burden further by offering services to cover accounting and audits, asset protection management, and other applications from a range of available packages. Maybe to leave time during a visit to enjoy traditional Thai boxing.

Setting up a business in Thailand can be made far easier when choosing a professional team with vast experience to provide the best advice and a range of packages that will assist.


Setting up a business in Thailand can be a complex and overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. By seeking the advice and guidance of a professional team with experience in company formations in Bangkok, you can navigate the legal requirements and regulations with ease.

Leave the paperwork and compliance to the experts and focus on what matters most – growing your business and enjoying the beautiful culture and climate of Thailand.


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