The Qualities to Look For When Choosing a Birth Injury Attorney


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When a baby goes through a difficult delivery and birth injury, parents must now wonder how to cope with the realities of managing their child’s ongoing care. Injuries inflicted during birth can cause physical, psychological, and emotional effects that require a lifetime of care. In these cases, it’s vital to choose the best lawyer available.

Are you searching for a birth injury attorney who can guide you through the legal process with compassion, expertise, and dedication?

How do you pick a birth injury attorney while still prioritizing your child’s care?

This guide aims to aid you in picking a lawyer with the right experience, expertise, and disposition to guide you through the legal process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Assess the attorney’s reputation and client satisfaction through reviews and testimonials.
  • Ensure the lawyer has specific experience in birth injury cases, obstetrics, and medical malpractice.
  • Evaluate the attorney’s communication style, empathy, and dedication during a free consultation.
  • Understand the contingency fee structure and ensure it aligns with industry standards.

Reviews and Testimonials from Clients

Learn from the attorney’s past clients through reviews and testimonials. While every case is different and the unique facts of your specific case will differ, client reviews will give you a good idea of what it’s like working with a given lawyer. Testimonials will give you insight into their communication, patience, and dedication.

If a lawyer’s reviews are overwhelmingly positive, you can be reasonably encouraged that the lawyer will be effective in getting you the justice you deserve.

Birth Injury Attorney Experience

Birth injury cases are complex and require knowledge of not just law, but also obstetrics, -prenatal, and neonatal care, and hospital best practices. To have the best chances of bringing a successful suit, your lawyer must have a background in birth injury lawsuits specifically, not just medical malpractice in general.

There are multiple factors to take into account when deciding which attorney to hire.

  • Recent successful cases
  • Total number of years as a birth injury lawyer
  • Collective experience for the whole firm

Lawyers work on cases together, so you want a firm where each team member has deep experience and knowledge of birth injury law.

Make sure the firm’s lawyers have experience in jury trials. Jury trials require specific skills that differ from settling lawsuits. Plus, hospitals and insurance companies will do research into your lawyer and will be more inclined to offer more generous settlements when someone with lots of experience and expertise with trials represents you.

Compassion, Patience, and Commitment

A successful relationship between you and your attorney requires empathy, clear communication, and patience. Schedule a free consultation and meet with any potential firms face-to-face. Evaluate their communication styles. You should leave this meeting feeling secure that the law firm will approach your case with compassion and empathy and will be dedicated to pursuing justice for your family.

If you leave your free consultation feeling like an attorney doesn’t clearly explain the legal process, becomes impatient when you ask questions or doesn’t seem invested in the case’s success, look elsewhere for representation.

Billig and Fee Practices

Like other personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys, birth injury lawyers work on contingency. This means they keep a certain portion of the final settlement, typically ranging from 30% up to 40%. If you encounter a lawyer charging more above this range, ask for an explanation before retaining the firm. The costs might be reasonable but require a reason.

Birth injury is a stressful and traumatizing experience for all involved. By asking the right questions and evaluating the right criteria, you will find the right lawyer who will support you through the legal process and achieve a settlement that will secure your child’s future care.


Finding the right birth injury attorney requires research, evaluation, and a personal connection. By following this guide, you can secure a lawyer who will advocate for your family’s rights and ensure your child receives the care they deserve. Take the first step towards justice and a brighter future for your child.


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