Brandon Fugal Net Worth: A Real Estate Magnate and Entrepreneur


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Brandon Fugal is an esteemed American businessman and entrepreneur with a diverse range of ventures and a remarkable career trajectory. Known for his strategic approach to business and investment, Fugal has built an impressive portfolio that has significantly contributed to brandon fugal net worth. As the chairman of Colliers International in Utah and the owner of the enigmatic Skinwalker Ranch, Fugal’s name resonates in the real estate industry and beyond. This article offers an in-depth exploration of Brandon Fugal’s life, career, and brandon fugal net worth, providing valuable insights into his journey and achievements.

Early Life and Education: Building a Foundation

Brandon Fugal was born on April 1, 1973, in the beautiful state of Utah, USA. Raised in a Mormon family, Fugal’s childhood laid the groundwork for his future success. Growing up in a supportive and hardworking environment, he developed a strong work ethic and a drive to pursue his aspirations. For his education, Fugal attended Brigham Young University, where he excelled in business and finance. His academic pursuits equipped him with the knowledge and skills that would later prove invaluable in his entrepreneurial endeavors. Fugal further enhanced his credentials by obtaining an MBA from Harvard Business School, adding a prestigious feather to his cap.

Career and Business Ventures: A Journey of Innovation

Brandon Fugal’s career path is a testament to his ambition and versatility. He began his professional journey in the commercial real estate industry, working for prominent companies such as CBRE and Cushman & Wakefield. However, it was his transition into entrepreneurship that truly defined his career. In 2006, Fugal co-founded Carbon Relay, a software company focused on helping businesses reduce their carbon emissions. This venture showcased his forward-thinking approach, and it eventually led to a successful acquisition by Microsoft in 2015. Fugal’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to flourish as he co-founded another company, Cypher Corporation, in 2016. Additionally, he served as the Chairman of CBC Advisors for over two decades, further solidifying his presence in the business world. One of Fugal’s most notable achievements is his role as Chairman of Colliers International in Utah. His strategic leadership and direction have significantly contributed to the company’s growth and success, solidifying its position as a leading global commercial real estate organization. Fugal’s real estate ventures have been a significant driver of bradon fugal net worth.

Brandon Fugal Net Worth and Sources of Income

Brandon Fugal net worth is estimated to be approximately $450 million as of 2024, with an annual income exceeding $40 million. His wealth has grown substantially over the years, and it is primarily derived from diverse sources, including real estate, investments, and media ventures.

Year Net Worth
2024 $450 Million
2023 $420 Million
2022 $400 Million
2021 $380 Million
2020 $350 Million

Fugal’s involvement in high-profile real estate deals, such as the $1.8 billion sale of the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper, has significantly contributed to brandon fugal net worth. As Chairman of Colliers International, his strategic leadership and industry connections have led to numerous lucrative transactions.

Real Estate Ventures

Fugal’s involvement in high-profile real estate deals, such as the $1.8 billion sale of the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper, has significantly added to brandon fugal net worth. His strategic leadership at Colliers International and his personal real estate investments continue to yield substantial financial returns.

Investments and Television Ventures

In addition to real estate, Fugal is a savvy investor with interests in various sectors. He has a minority stake in the NBA’s Utah Jazz, and his investments in technology and life sciences hold potential for significant returns. Fugal’s income has also been bolstered by his television ventures, particularly the History Channel series “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,” which gained a dedicated following.

Other Business Ventures

Fugal’s business acumen extends beyond real estate and investments. He previously owned “Coldwell Banker Commercial Advisors”, and in 2016, he secretly purchased the Skinwalker Ranch, a property known for its paranormal reputation. The ranch has since become a source of intrigue and income, especially with the launch of the television series.

Personal Life: Beyond the Business Realm

Brandon Fugal is a married man, sharing his life with his wife, Lacey Anne Fugal. They reside in their beautiful home in Utah and cherish their family life. Fugal is a devoted family man who finds balance in his personal life, ensuring that his success extends beyond his professional achievements.

Media Presence and Social Media Influence

Brandon Fugal has a notable media presence, with appearances on the History Channel and various interviews showcasing his expertise. He utilizes social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to connect with followers and share insights into his work and interests. His media presence has positively impacted his business ventures, expanding his reach and influence.


Brandon Fugal’s journey is an inspiring testament to what determination, innovation, and a passion for progress can achieve. From his early beginnings in Utah to his status as a successful entrepreneur, he has transformed industries and inspired countless individuals. With a projected net worth of $600 million by 2024 and a diverse range of ventures, Fugal’s legacy serves as a reminder that excellence knows no bounds. As he continues to push the boundaries of innovation, his strategic approach to business and investment will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.


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